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Word Mean Task
tay colt. foal.
tay colt. filly.
tay colt. foal. counterpoise. equal. peer.
tay a branch of the Tai languages.
tay a branch of the Tai languages.
Tayca Thai
Tayca Siamese
taydaş equal. peer.
tayf ghost. spectrum. apposition. specter. image. colour chart. phantom. spectre specter. spook.
tayf spectrum.
tayfa crew. company. deck hand. seaman recruit. swab.
tayfa ship's crew. ship's company. ship's crewman. sailor. hangers-on. fawning followers. gang. bunch. troop. band. crew member. the lower deck. list of aliens. member of the crew.
tayfa company. crew. mariner. rating. seaman.
tayfölçer spectroscope.
tayfun typhoon.
tayfun typhoon.
tayin appointment. designation. assignment. investment. nomination. preferment.
tayin appointment. designation. indication. pointing at. assignation. determination. investiture. moving. nomination. specification.
tayin appointment. designation. determination. appointment atama. indication.
tayın ration.
tayın ration. loaf of bread issued to a soldier as part of his ration. food allowance. food ration.
tayın bedeli ration allowance.
tayin etmek appoint. nominate. post.
tayin etmek appoint. assess. to appoint. to define. to determine. to nominate. assign. commission. constitute. coopt. create. destine. give. name. to compute a period. place. relegate. state.
Tayland Thailand
Tayland Kingdom of Thailand
tayland siam
tayland thai
Taylandlı Thailander
taylandlı Thai

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